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About Dura-Stilts®

For over forty years Genuine Dura-Stilts® have remained the world wide, undisputed choice of professional stilt users.  

Since the early sixties, the innovative key features pioneered and patented by Dura-Stilts® established them as the industry leader of articulating leg extension devices (stilts). Dura-Stilts® comfort, strength to weight ratio and reliability set new stilt standards which changed the construction industry’s perception of stilts from a novelty to a legitimate industrial tool.  

Only Dura-Stilts® Pioneered Innovative Features Such As:  

  • Dual Action Springs: Upper and lower action springs along with their tension adjustment brought about precise control over both forward and rearward stilt walking actions, resulting in a close duplication of the user’s natural ankle movement. This new level of control brought easier balance, greater control, and less fatigue for the user. Properly adjusted, Dura-Stilts® act more like an extension of the user’s natural stride and balance. 
  • Replaceable Nylon Bearings and Adjustment Sleeves: Replaceable bearing surfaces resulted in a noticeably smoother walk, smoother adjustment and dramatically extended stilt life over other brands. 
  • Lock Nuts: At all crucial pivot and connecting points for greater stilt reliability and safety. 
  • Self-locking Strap Buckles: For less slip and greater stilt safety. Dura-Stilts® was also first to provide the added comfort of wider one-inch foot straps. 
  • Captive Lock Washers on Wing Bolts: Helps assure wing bolts remain tight once the user has properly tightened them for improved safety. 
  • Wing Bolts Extended Smooth Shank: Dramatically reduces adjustment hole wear of the extension tubes. Less adjustment hole wear means less wobble, greater stability and longevity. 
  • Replaceable Screw-on Soles: Greater ease in replacing worn soles to help maintain sole traction and walking comfort.  



     Internet scam artist and unscrupulous marketers are importing cheap imitation "DURASTILTS" from China and Mexico. Some are touting them as genuine DURASTILTS. Not only are these stilt "knockoffs" of inferior quality in materials and workmanship, but they are also in violation of US trademark, tradedress, and patent laws. Some are charging outrageous prices for them and others are selling them cheaply. If you know of someone selling these, possibly dangerous, Chinese or Mexican "knockoff" stilts please report them to us by calling 1(800) 225-2440 or 1(405) 495-2440.  Dura-Stilts®