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Ankle Action Springs

Upper and lower springs allow duplication for the user’s natural ankle movement with adjustable direct spring activation for both forward and rearward motion.


Leg Support Strut

Leg support strut tube fastens to stilt above adjustment separation point. You do not need to adjust side leg supports when adjusting stilt height.


Replaceable Screw On Soles

Mount to our “Super – tough” nylon floor plates for easier field replacement of worn soles to help maintain sole traction and walking comfort.


Captive Lock Washers on “Extended Shank” Wing Bolts

Lock washers help assure wing bolts remain tight once the user has properly tightened them. The extended shank dramatically reduces adjustment hole wear of the extension tubes. Less adjustment hole wear means less “wobble”, greater stability and longevity.


Upper Strut Tube Cap/Plugs

Provide tube reinforcement around the leg band bolts and protect the tubing ends. Lock Nuts are featured on all crucial connecting points.


Locking Strap Buckles

Combined with heavy duty webbing provide enhanced comfort and security. Dura-Stilts ® was also the first to provide the added comfort of wider one-inch foot straps.


Replaceable Nylon Bearings

Replaceable nylon bearings at leg connections and lock nuts an hinge bolts give extra wear and longer stilt life.


Snap-In Nylon Sleeves

Snap-in nylon sleeves separate the telescoping legs and steel inserts help reduce adjustment hole wear.