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Do's and Dont's

Do’s and Don’ts for the use of Dura-Stilts

A practical set of safety guidelines published for Dura-Stilts® users to observe and follow, became the cornerstone reference for stilt safety programs throughout the industry.  


  • DO… Inspect stilts thoroughly before use, making sure that the structure is free of any sign of damage, that there is no excessive wear at the connection points, and that all bolts are tight. Special attention should be given to the entire strut tube assemblies and wingbolts in their respect. 
  • DO… Replace any damaged excessively worn stilt components before use. 
  • DO… Assure the safety and quality of Dura Stilts® by using only Genuine Dura-Stilts® components. 
  • DO…Fasten the upper leg strap first when putting on the stilts. 
  • DO… Remove anything from the soles which could cause loss of traction. 
  • DO… Keep all straps tightly fastened and secured. 
  • DO… Remove stilts to adjust them unless assisted by another person. 
  • DO…Take short and distinct steps, making sure that the stilts are raised well clear of floor with each step. (Your stride maybe lengthened as you become more confident.) 
  • DO… Walk forward only, making a U turn to reverse your direction. 
  • DO… Keep stilts adjusted properly. 
  • DO… Always look where you’re stepping. 
  • DO… Walk only on suitable hard surface and level terrain. 
  • DO… Cover or guard floor openings, stairwells, etc. 
  • DO… Remove stilts when climbing or descending stairs. 
  • DO… Receive assistance when retrieving objects from the floor. 
  • DO… Be cautious when working around low profile furniture and fixtures, pipes, protrusions, etc. 
  • DO… Disconnect upper leg straps last when removing stilts.  


  • DON'T… Wear stilts without having the proper instruction on their use. 
  • DON'T… Wear stilts that are uncomfortable or out of adjustment. 
  • DON'T… Wear stilts without having properly inspected them. 
  • DON'T… Wear stilts that have damaged, excessively worn or modified components. 
  • DON'T… Compromise Dura-Stilts® quality by using components form imitation brands. 
  • DON'T… Walk on oily or otherwise slippery surfaces. 
  • DON'T… Walk on sandy, rocky, uneven, muddy, or excessively soft terrain. DON'T… Work around uncovered floor openings, stairwells, etc. 
  • DON'T… Work in or around loose wire, rope, electric cords, paper sacks, broken glass, conduit, etc. 
  • DON'T… Walk on secondary scaffolding, benches, planks, stairs, steps, stools, etc. 
  • DON'T… Carry heavy loads while walking on stilts. 
  • DON'T… Run or walk fast on stilts. 
  • DON'T… Pick up objects which are lower than foot level. 
  • DON'T… Wear stilts that are taller than necessary. 
  • DON'T… Become so overconfident that you fail to exercise caution. 
  • DON'T… Lean over desks, files, boxes or other objects while on stilts. 
  • DON'T… Wear stilts while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • DON'T…Take steps so large that the action springs bottom out. 
  • DON'T… Modify this product in any manner.  


Dura-Stilts® are made of aluminum and therefore will conduct electricity. Exercise extreme caution when working around electrical sources as a shock could result.