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Genuine Dura Stilts

Genuine. Dura-Stilts. What does that even mean and why should you care?

Over 50 years ago the creator of Dura-Stilts was working his way through school by repairing leg extension devices in a small trade shop. He became aware that there was more that needed to be done to these devices to aid in the all-day-long-every-single-day work they were being used to support. His part-time job became a passion and a life’s work to bring about the Genuine Dura-Stilts you know today.

We say Genuine Dura-Stilts because they were the first leg extension devices with developed articulation. Dura-Stilts closely duplicates man’s walking movements allowing the stilts to become more of a natural extension of ones step and stride and balance. There are “trying to be Dura-Stilts” – knock-offs – imitators – on the market and I have been asked … how do they compare?

The truth – we don’t take time to compare. We would rather put our efforts into bringing you the best product we can. As well as the stilts, we produce every component part, by Dura-Stilts for
Dura-Stilts, to support the longtime use of your Dura-Stilts. We are who they are setting the bar by .. we are who they are trying to become.

This gets me so interested and excited to know all the ways people use Genuine Dura-Stilts in their life’s work and hobbies.

As we update our website with international capabilities we are also hoping to get to know you … the user … better.

Please let me hear from you. If you do not want to respond to this website please contact me at [email protected] With your permission I would love to feature pictures and stories and questions illustrating how you “Walk Your Way” in Genuine Dura-Stilts.

Life is a journey and I am in AWE of those of you that spend hours a day walking and working and creating so much that enhances all of our every day lives on these leg extension devices. Thank you for all YOU do and I look forward to learning more!